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What Kind Of Tires Are you Looking For?

  • Factory Replacement

    Just looking to replace your worn out OEM tires?
    No problem.

  • All Season Tires

    These tires are suitable for year round use.
    Balanced for wet and snowy conditions

  • Winter Tires

    Designed for best traction in snow with unique compounds that help retain the tire's flexibility in sever cold conditions.

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  • Performance Tires

    Designed for tackling corners and for better handling at higher speeds.

  • Off Road Tires

    Conquer mud, dirt, sand, and trails with all-terrain tires built for adventure seekers.

  • Track Tires

    For competition and track use only!
    These high performance tires are made to stick and aid in running your best time yet.

How To Tell If You Need New Tires

Tire Tips

The Penny Test

In the United States, tire tread depth is measured in 32nds of an inch.

The U.S. Department of Transportation recommends replacing tires when they reach 2/32 of an inch.

The idea of the penny test is to check whether you’ve hit the 2/32” threshold.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Place a penny between the tread ribs on your tire. A “rib” refers to the raised portion of tread that spans the circumference of your tire. Tire tread is composed of several ribs.
  2. Turn the penny so that Lincoln’s head points down into the tread.
  3. See if the top of his head disappears between the ribs. If it does, your tread is still above 2/32” , If you can see his entire head, it may be time to replace the tire because your tread is no longer deep enough.

Use A Thread Depth Gauge

Using a thread depth gauge is as simple as the penny test. Simply stick the probe into a groove in the tread and press the shoulders of the probe flat against the tread block and read the result. The gauge should measure in both 32nds of an inch and millimeters.

tire penny test

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