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Which Oil Is Right For My Car?

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While most car manuals specify which kind of oil is recommended to be used, with the technological advances in oil engineering and research, you may find yourself wondering which type of oil is best. At Caps Garage, we take a look at factory recommendations but also offer our expert opinion based on what the vehicle is being used for.
Below are the most common types of vehicle oils used.

  • Regular

    Most popular form of engine oil found in most cars and trucks.
    Less expensive and economical option for most vehicles.

  • High Mileage

    Special oil with added benefits for vehicles who have more than 70,000 miles.

  • Full Synthetic

    More commonly found in luxury and newer vehicles.
    Engineered for longer life and better protection than regular oil.

  • Diesel Oil

    Need and oil change for your diesel car or truck?
    We're able to service your diesel engine's routine oil change.

The Different Types Of Engine Oils

Not all cars and trucks require the same kind of oil, they all have their specific uses and vary depending on a number of factors.

Regular Oil

A solid option for most cars and truck in use today. Nothing very special about this oil as its mainly used as an economical option and with regular changes of no more than 5,000 miles, will keep your engine in good working order. 

High Mileage Oil

Recommended for vehicles over 70,000 miles.
This oil provides a bit more protection by lubricating the cylinder walls and other engine parts even after the engine has been turned off. This is important because during a cold start, there is no lubrication. High mileage oil helps protect worn out engine internals.

Full Synthetic

Popular choice among newer vehicles and performance seekers.
It's lab produced therefore it has longer molecule chains. Full synthetic oil stays slippery longer and provides better protection for longer intervals between oil changes (between 7-10,000 miles). More resistant extreme temps. It won't harden at higher temps nor won't gel at low winter temperatures.

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