Car Tune-Up And Maintenance

Keep Your Vehicle Running Smooth And Efficient

Proper Maintenance Can Prolong Your Cars Life

Taking your car of truck in for routine maintenance is a no brainer for keeping your vehicle in top shape.

  • Spark Plug Replacement

    Today's cars demand much more out of our car's technology to produce the most power while being the most efficient.
    While spark plug can last 50,000+ miles, they should be checked and replaced if pre-existing conditions, such as burning oil, have damaged the plugs.

  • Filter Replacements

    Changing the dirty, and sometimes clogged, air filter is part of the tune-up process. A dirty filter can restrict the air flow into the engine, forcing it to work harder and using more fuel than necessary.

  • Distributor Cap, Rotor, & Wires

    Typically found on older cars, additional ignition parts need to be inspected and replaced.

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  • Belts

    Your motors belt(s) will be inspected for cracks, and depending on mileage, will need to be replaced to avoid a ruptured belt.

  • Oil Change

    Having your car's oil changed regularly is critical for your car's longevity and helps in maximizing your MPG.
    An oil change is usually performed along with your cars tune-up.

  • Check For Leaks

    Oil leaks are the most common type of leak we find. Depending on the source of the leak, oil can seep onto belts and starters and alternators; potentially damaging parts if the leak is not fixed.
    We'll notify you if we find something and offer the best solution.

A Tune-Up Done Right

Expertly performed routine maintenance to maximize the life of your vehicle.

Vehicle Specific Maintenance

Not all cars and trucks are made the same, therefore, each one has it's own checklist of required tune-up tasks that need to be performed.

Servicing American, Foreign And Luxury Vehicles

Our experience, skills and updated shop allows us to service a wide variety of cars and trucks. Rest assured, your vehicle is in good hands and will be services with nothing but the best.

Great Service and Honest Pricing

Aside from our locally known reputation for having the best service around, we provide our customers with the best pricing for tune-ups. We have no interest in placing our reputation at risk, so our quotes are reasonable and we're happy to share our honest opinions about your service.

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Keep Your Vehicle Running In Top Shape

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